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Many people are paying excessive heating costs due to damp walls. Our FACADE+Protect provides the perfect solution and can keep your home safe and insulated for 10 years. Containing teflon, FACADE=Protect will also repel dirt and keep your walls clean. A dry wall is a healthy wall and will create a safer living environment and save on your energy costs.

We're on a roadtrip in the MENA region

Come experience our energy saving coatings in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Cairo Egypt .  

On March 13 and 14 your can visit us @regus_ksa in the Moon Tower, King Fahed Branch road in Riyad. On March 15 we are pleased to welcome you at @regusglobal centre on Sarayat El Maadi in Cairo. On these days we want you to experience our energy saving coatings. Paints which keep your building cooler in summertime. Please contact us via verf@liquisol.com if you're planning to get Wiser with Energy.

Fall in love with your home

With Valentine’s love still in the air it’s time to fall back in love with your home! Our revolutionary INSUL8deco can help you to achieve just that. With Thermal Heat Flow Insulation, this revolutionary insulating paint reflects up to 30% of your air-conditioning and heating radiation back into the room and protects against mould and damp. Designed for interior use, it comes in a selection of 15 trendy colours.

Lower bills, improved comfort and more LOVE!

Looking to be wealthier in 2018?

Happy New Year from all at Liquisol! The last few years' have seen an increase in energy prices and recent research shows that for many people, reducing their energy costs will be high on their proprities for 2018. As a leading manufacturer in energy reducing products, Liquisol can help.

By decorating your home with INSUL8deco is used as thermal insulation on inner walls and ceilings. Via infrared–reflective paint pigments, the energy from sources such as heaters, radiators and also air-conditioning is reflected up to 30% right into the room. INSUL8deco also protects against mould and damp. Lower bills, improved comfort.

World Future Energy Summit

We are delighted to annouce that we will be participating in the World Future Energy Summit on the 15th-18th January 2018 in Adnec, Abu Dhabi.

We will be presenting our INSUL8deco product. This keeps buildings cooler by up to 30%, saving both energy and cost.

If you would like to find out more, please come and visit us at booth 5122.