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  • Necessario per ogni lavoro.
  • Termini di garanzia.
  • Applicabile su tutte le superfici in plastica.


  • Revolutionary insulating interior coating, easy to apply, available in 15 trendy colors.
  • Reflects up to 30% of your airco and heating radiation back into the room, this without creation of mould and damp.
  • Lower bills, improved comfort.


  • Permanent way to temper solar heat in your greenhouse.
  • Totally no disadvantages in winter time, your crop will grow even better.
  • Beautifull results, makes your greenhouse pride even prettier.


Featuring 2WHITE

  • Cools your interior by 5 ˚C
  • Drops surface temperature from 80 °C down to 35 °C
  • white roofs are the easiest way to increase your indoor comfort

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  • blocks 57% of the solar heat in every season whenever you decide to!
  • you can wash it of the skylight when needed, so it's perfectly suitable for any rental situation 
  • Anti-glare effect, shows a blue shine seeing from the inside


  • Blocks almost all solar heat and sunlight.
  • Applicable on any kind of plastic and glass skylight or skydome.
  • Extremely suitable for very warm regions (e.g. The Middle East)